Would you like to walk through a great text line-by-line in Latin, Ancient Greek, Old English, or Biblical Hebrew, under the guidance of an ALI Fellow?

Do you want to encounter the great thinkers, poets, writers, and prophets of Rome, Athens, Engla land, and Jerusalem in the words they wrote and spoke?

Then consider signing up for one of the Workshops below! These one-off classes vary in length, run online via Zoom, are open to anyone interested, and require no homework or other commitment. Some workshops are open to total novices while others are geared toward more advanced students. Check the particular workshop page for clarification.

Ancient Greek

May 10, 2024 | Theophrastus’ “Characters” (Session IV) LEARN MORE

April 5, 2024 | Using Scholia and Reading Euripides LEARN MORE

March 29, 2024 | Theophrastus’ “Characters” (Session III) LEARN MORE

November 30, 2023 | Theophrastus’ “Characters” (Session II) LEARN MORE

October 12, 2023 | Theophrastus’ “Characters” (Session I) LEARN MORE

April 11, 2023 | Reading Aesop in Historic Prints. LEARN MORE

March 7, 2023 | ΠΕΡΙ ΑΝΑΚΡΕΟΝΤΕΙΩΝ. On the So-Called Anacreontic Poems. LEARN MORE

February 7, 2023 | ΠΕΡΙ ΛΟΓΟΥ ΜΕΡΩΝ. On the Parts of Speech. LEARN MORE


May 11th, 2024 | Introduction to Reciting Latin Poetry and Meter: LEARN MORE

May 4th, 2024 | Introduction to Reciting Latin Poetry and Meter [Latine Tantum]: LEARN MORE

April 27th, 2024 | Introduction to Reciting Latin Poetry and Meter: LEARN MORE

July 27, 2023 | Erasmus’ Epic Winter Quest: LEARN MORE

May 16, 2023 | The Venerable Bede and the Songs of Caedmon: LEARN MORE

March 16, 2023 | Erasmus and His Strange Seal: LEARN MORE

January 31, 2023 | Pliny the Younger and the Great Escape: LEARN MORE

November 15, 2022 | Pliny and Vesuvius: LEARN MORE

October 6, 2022 | Cicero in Exile: LEARN MORE

August 25, 2022 | Seneca on Old Age: LEARN MORE

August 18, 2022 | Seneca on Old Age: LEARN MORE

Old English

February 28, 2023 | How to Read Old English Poetry (even if you can’t read Old English yet): LEARN MORE

December 7, 2022 | The Runic Alphabet: LEARN MORE

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