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The Fastest, Most Fun Way to Master Latin

The Ancient Language Institute provides live, online courses and tutorials to adults seeking to learn Latin and produces educational materials that equip students to meet their goals and to acquire deep proficiency in their target language.

OUR Classes

We have pioneered the best practices in Latin pedagogy in the online space.


Live, online group classes that help students achieve reading fluency as fast as possible.

Extended Readings

Live, online group classes to help students with some Latin experience get prepared for a standard ALI Course.


One-on-one live, online meetings with a teacher for flexible and intensive Latin study.

We combine leading research on language acquisition with unparalleled flexibility for our students.

Areas of study

Learn the entire history of Latin!

Cicero. Caesar. Virgil. Unlock the treasures of Ancient Rome and read the great texts of the Classical era.

From the Church Fathers all the way through the life of the medieval church. Encounter the theology, philosophy, and poetry of Latin Christendom.

The modern world was born speaking Latin. Read the great texts of the Renaissance, the Reformation, and beyond.

Customize your Latin-learning journey with us!

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