Latin for Kids: Self-Paced Courses

Pre-orders for the Self-Paced Elementary Latin Course are now open. The Middle School equivalent will be available in Fall 2024.

Elementary Latin Curriculum

Want your elementary student to get started with Latin? The Elementary Curriculum provides everything your child needs to get started reading and speaking the language of the West. Through interactive digital exercises, animated stories, physical workbooks and storybooks, and video lessons created by the Latin experts at the Ancient Language Institute, your student will encounter Latin vocabulary and grammar the way it is meant to be encountered: through meaningful and compelling communication. Perfect for homeschoolers or any young student who wants to start studying Latin without enrolling in a synchronous ALI course.

The Ancient Language Institute has developed this innovative self-guided course using the pedagogical progression developed by Picta Dicta, a leading developer of ancient language curriculum using the Direct Method of language instruction. Students will use Picta Dicta’s “Latin Primer” digital and hardcopy tools, a bevy of Picta Dicta storybooks and workbooks, and complementary audio and video curriculum produced by Ancient Language Institute Latin Fellows.

There are two different packages to choose from: Ascanius (self-paced course meant for 3rd and 4th graders) or Aeneas (self-paced course meant for 5th and 6th graders). No matter which package you choose, your student will end up covering all the same material. The only difference is the amount of material covered per year. 

The Ascanius Course (Grades 3-4) contains everything your student needs to get started, using digital, audio, video, and print materials to introduce the fundamentals of the Latin language. The Ascanius Course covers half of what is covered in the Aeneas Course. 

  •  Year 1: Volume I, Lessons 1 – 15
    • Cost: $250
  • Year 2: Volume I, Lessons 16-30
    • Cost: $100
  • Year 3: See Aeneas Year 2

The Aeneas Course (Grades 5-6) contains everything your students needs to get started, using digital, audio, video, and print materials to introduce the fundamentals of the Latin language. The Aeneas Course covers twice as much of what is covered in the Ascanius Course.

  •  Year 1: Volume I, Lessons 1 – 30
    • Cost: $350
  • Year 2: Volume II, Lessons 1-30
    • Cost: $350
  • Year 3: Middle School Curriculum to be released in Fall 2024

What You Need to Know

  1. Pre-orders for the Elementary Latin Self-Paced Courses will open in May.
    1. The Elementary Latin Self-Paced Courses will be sent to pre-ordering customers at the beginning of September, and will then open for purchase for others.
  2. The Elementary Latin Self-Paced Courses is available in two different packages: Ascanius (grades 3-4) and Aeneas (grades 5-6):
    1. Ascanius Year One covers Volume I, Lessons 1-15; Ascanius Year Two covers Volume I, Lessons 16-30
      1. Ascanius Year Three is identical to Aeneas Year Two. 
    2. Aeneas Year One covers Volume I, Lessons 1-30; Aeneas Year Two covers Volume II, Lessons 1-30
  3. Both Ascanius and Aeneas flow naturally into our Middle School Latin Curriculum (release date: Fall 2024).
  4. Interested in a bulk purchase for your school or homeschool co-op? Get in touch!
  5.  Signing up with ALI is risk-free. We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied. If you don’t love the ALI Latin Curriculum, we’ll give you a full refund within 30 days. No refunds are available after 30 days.

Introduction to Philology with Dr. Colin Gorrie

We never want kids to lose the vision of why they’re learning Latin in the first place – in order to connect with the ancient world of the Romans. That’s where our Introduction to Philology videos come in.

Each lesson in our Latin for Kids Curriculum includes a short video introducing students to the field of philology, a term that literally means “the love of words.” (Think also of philosophy, which means “the love of wisdom.”) These videos dive into the ancient world, since that is the world the Romans described with their language: Latin.

These videos feature Dr. Colin Gorrie, PhD, the Dean of the ALI Latin for Kids Program and a Latin and Old English Fellow at ALI. Here’s an example video, all about the word stilus. The rest of the Introduction to Philology videos are available exclusively to purchasers of the Latin for Kids Curriculum and to enrolled Latin for Kids students.

Looking for online Latin classes for kids? We have those too!

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