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I’ve been hugely impressed by the pedagogy of the Beginner Ancient Greek course; I speak a few modern languages, including languages where I’ve lived in the country where they’re spoken, and I’ve never picked up a language as painlessly as I have through your course. 

Christopher M.


Huge fan. I have tried to learn Latin myself in the past, and signed up for correspondence courses, without much success. The combination of an in-person (online) class, along with the digital learning platform, and the Lingua Latina book – have really allowed me to make significant progress. I love my teacher and that my fellow students are motivated learners.

Hannah S.

It’s awesome.  The students are engaged.  Instructor is wonderful.  I experienced the grammar/translation grind many years ago.  Reading Lingua Latina is so refreshing.  It’s a fun story.  The characters are engaging, and I’m reading – not translating – Latin.

Richard G. 


I’ve had a fabulous experience with the Ancient Language Institute. After a ten-year gap since studying Latin in college, ALI is exactly what I was looking for to relearn the fundamentals of the language and enable myself to read Latin literature in its original form. The remote learning environment via Zoom has been seamless and I’ve been able to learn around the schedule of my full-time job. Our teacher has been patient and extremely helpful. During the COVID-19 lockdown, my Latin class has really been a blessing and something I look forward to each week.

Ethan M.


I am greatly enjoying the intelligent and interactive teaching of Jonathan Roberts and, with the aid of the environment he created,  the students has bonded into a community which meets independently once a week for a study group. The combination of a class mainly taught in Latin, vivid images and props, the accessibility of the textbooks, and the support offered by the online platform has coalesced into an experience more educational and enjoyable than anything I have ever tried in the past. I expect to stay with ALI through four Latin courses and then begin Greek.

 Jonathan W.
New York


Logan is great! Also your method is amazing! I used to teach Biblical Hebrew, and I cannot read that nearly as well as I can read Latin after just a semester with you. It’s silly that people would try to teach languages any other way. I’ve never seen a language program this effective. I’m only 10 weeks into the first semester and can read fair sized bits of Latin manuscripts I’m interested in. This is pure gold here.

Travis W.


This is amazing! Charts always killed me, and that’s always how I was taught Latin. But this is so intuitive! I don’t need to always figure out WHY I understand the Latin I’m reading. SO HAPPY!! 

Mercy H.


Ancient Greek 101 based on the ALI pedagogical approach has been a great experience. I started with no knowledge of Ancient Greek at all, and after a semester I can read the texts we have been studying. Just the right mix of self learning with clarification from the instructor who was fluent in Ancient Greek. I plan to continue to study Ancient Greek with ALI.  

Paul F. 


I appreciate having longer texts to work with at a simpler reading level. I took 2 semesters of Greek in seminary but forgot a lot of conjugations quickly and didn’t really know what I was doing with the New Testament. Already, after one semester with ALI, I feel more like I am on a path to being a genuine reader of the language rather than just trying to parse individual words. It’s more rewarding.

Bryan W.
New York


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