Fall Semester Latin Classes

Registration for Fall Semester is now open! You can register with a 25% deposit and pay the rest later. Registration ends August 17th.

Whether you are interested in Classical or Ecclesiastical Latin writers, the first steps are the same. In this course you will be introduced to the core of Latin grammar and vocabulary – we will also read over 1,000 pages of Latin along the way! If you want to learn how to read Latin as a language, as opposed to a clunky form of English in need of decoding, this course is for you!

  • Cost: $850 
  • Beginner Latin Details:
    • Sessions last 1.5 hours
    • 1 session per week
    • Course lasts 15 weeks

Students who complete Beginner Latin receive 22.5 hours of live instruction time.

Have you studied Latin grammar but find it almost impossible to read Latin texts? We can fix that. In this course you will successfully read over a thousand pages of engaging Latin. We will read through selections of Fabulae Syrae and the Epitome Historiae Sacrae along with several contemporary novellas.

  • Cost: $725
  • Intermediate Latin Details:
    • Sessions last 1.5 hours
    • 1 session per week
    • Course lasts 15 weeks

Students who complete Summer Extended Reading receive 22.5 hours of live instruction time. 

Awaiting trial for treason, Boethius composed a masterpiece that according to Edward Gibbon is, “A golden volume not unworthy of the leisure of Plato or Tully.” Read and discuss this work with us as it was intended to be enjoyed – in Latin! While the sessions will be primarily held in Latin, students who have no experience speaking Latin are certainly welcome.

  • Cost: $725
  • Advanced Latin Details:
    • Sessions last 1.5 hours
    • 1 session per week
    • Course lasts 15 weeks

Students who complete Advanced Latin receive 22.5 hours of live instruction time. 

The only Roman novel in Latin to have survived in its entirety from the ancient period, Apuleius’ Metamorphoses is funny, irreverent, magical, ludicrous, and highly entertaining. Apuleius demonstrates mastery of the numerous styles of Roman literature preceding his 2nd century AD world, making this course on Metamorphoses a treat for the advanced student already familiar with works such as Petronius’ Satyricon and Plautus’ Amphitryo.

  • Cost: $725
  • Expert Latin Details:
    • Sessions last 1.5 hours
    • 1 session per week
    • Course lasts 15 weeks

Students who complete Expert Latin: Metamorphoses of Apuleius receive 22.5 hours of live instruction time. 

Hey, Latin scholars, teachers, and aficionados! Want to brush up on your spoken Latin fluency? This is the class for you!  We’ll read Schottennius’ Confabulationes and Traupman’s Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency together and discuss the text during class, led by an ALI professor. The point of the class is to help you speak Latin more fluently and confidently and equip you with the tools to go out and participate in or even lead Conversational Latin groups and classes yourself.

  • Cost: $500
  • Conversational Latin Details:
    • Sessions last 1 hour
    • 1 session per week
    • Course lasts 15 weeks

Students who complete Conversational Latin receive 15 hours of live instruction time. 

Latin is the gateway to Classical literature, and since Ancient Greek and Latin are more similar to each other than either is to English, this course presents a novel way to approach Hellenic studies for those who have a strong understanding of spoken Latin. Ancient Greek through Latin is destined for students with intermediate to advanced Latin knowledge. The Athenaze textbook that is published in Italy will be the basis of this course.

  • Cost: $600
  • Greek-Through-Latin Details:
    • Sessions last 1.5 hours
    • 1 session per week
    • Course lasts 8 weeks

Students who complete Lingua Graeca Latīnē Discenda: Ancient Greek-Through-Latin receive 12 hours of live instruction time. 

Interested in one-on-one instruction? Do you have a particular course of study you’d like to follow? Have a unique schedule that requires odd meeting times for class hours? Our Tutorials exist in order to meet the needs of any student at any Latin skill level, from Beginner to Expert levels. If a regular class won’t work for you for whatever reason, we can design a one-on-one Tutorial to meet your needs.

  • Cost: $1,250
  • Latin Tutorial Details:
    • Sessions last 1 hours
    • 15 total sessions
    • Customize the schedule and curriculum according to your needs

Students who complete a Latin Tutorial receive 15 hours of live, one-on-one instruction time. 

Of all the challenges of a seminary Ph.D. program, the language competency exam made me the most apprehensive. I told Jonathan about my concerns and described what I thought I needed, individual tutoring adapted to my pace and lots of opportunities to ask questions. He designed a study course structure to meet my needs and talked me through each step of the learning process. I highly recommend his tutoring. Oh, and I passed my Latin competency exam! Thanks, Jonathan!
smiling ALI student
North Carolina

What You Need to Know

  1. Classes run on a semester basis.
    • Fall: August – December
    • Spring: January – May
    • Summer: June – July
  2. Class times are selected by students. Once your registration is confirmed, we’ll send you a Doodle poll to choose your class time.
  3. Classes are live, online classes run by ALI Latin professors. Learn Latin from anywhere. All you need is a wifi connection and computer enabled with microphone and video.
  4. Register now, pay a 25% deposit to reserve your spot, and pay the rest later. We want to make sure you absolutely love your Latin class before you pay for all the classes.
  5. You can skip the semester system. With one-on-one Tutorials, you can set up your own class schedule with an ALI professor.
  6.  We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied. If you don’t love your first Latin class, we guarantee a 100% refund. After that, refunds will be made on a pro rata basis, based on however many class sessions you’ve attended.

Latin Course Progression

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