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Jonathan Roberts, our Director, hails from Aguascalientes, Mexico. Legend has it that one day, after slaying a chupacabra with his bare hands, a puma granted him the power to teach languages. Whether that’s true or not, he most certainly has enjoyed teaching Latin to hundreds of students over the years, who have ranged from middle schoolers to college professors. Jonathan has previously taught Latin at Great Hearts Academies, Veritas Scholars Academy, and Davenant Latin Institute. Jonathan graduated from The King’s College in New York City with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, & Economics, and was awarded a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Missouri in 2017. He is currently at work on a Latin reader that uses graded, comprehensible input to introduce Latin students to Roman history. Get in touch with Jonathan at

Classical Schools Are Not Really Classical

In an exquisite passage about language learning, C. S. Lewis recounts his early forays into Ionic Greek, taught by the legendary William Kirkpatrick (a.k.a. “The Great Knock”). Lewis narrates what it was like to “cross the Rubicon” from incomprehension to fluency:      We opened our books at Iliad, Book I. Without a word of introduction Knock …

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What Is the Difference Between Koine Greek and Attic Greek?

Do Attic Greek and Koine Greek represent different eras, different dialects, or something else entirely? More importantly, which one should you learn?  In this article, we will trace the development of Ancient Greek, clear up a few misconceptions, and explain how our approach to language learning equips our students to enjoy Greek literature from any …

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