Ryan Hammill

Ryan Hammill, our Executive Director and Co-Founder, runs the marketing, editorial, and business operations side of the Ancient Language Institute. He was converted to a comprehensible input approach to language instruction back in 2017 as a student in a Latin class run by Jonathan Roberts (which Ryan took along with Calvin Goligher, an ALI Latin & Greek Fellow). Ryan received an A.B. in History from Occidental College in 2015, where he also studied French and Russian. He has experience in journalism and digital marketing, and co-hosts the podcast New Humanists with Jonathan. Get in touch with Ryan on Twitter (@hammillryan).

The Specter of Humanism

Do definitions of “classical education” sound like the garbled message proudly announced by the player at the end of the line in a game of telephone? Well, that’s pretty much what is going on. Contemporary American notions of “classical education” have acquired so many distortions along the chain of transmission that if we hope to …

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The Future of Classical Education: A Symposium

Many people have already noted that the coronavirus outbreak accelerated a variety of trends already occurring in the United States, and nowhere is this clearer than in education. With school-age children and college students alike consigned to Zoom School, parents and students improvised—both out of necessity, and out of the openness to change that necessity …

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