Beginner Ancient Greek

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Beginner Ancient Greek I (G101): Fall Term

Learn Ancient Greek! Whether you are interested in Archaic, Classical, or Koine Greek, this course is for you. It will give you the foundation you need to continue into more advanced material, whichever dialect of Ancient Greek you wish to pursue. We will make use of Thrasymachus, a graded reader that introduces the Greek language through stories, as well as a custom-built interactive digital vocabulary workbook, and brand-new materials designed by ALI which introduce Greek grammar in a gradual and intuitive way. After completing this course, students will move on to Ancient Greek 102, which will prepare them for our Intermediate sequence.

  • Cost: $850
  • Beginner Ancient Greek Details:
    • Class sessions last 1.5 hours
    • 1 class session per week
    • Course lasts 14 weeks
    • Term runs September 1st – December 14th
  • What time do classes meet?
    •  Upon registration, you’ll receive a form to fill out with your availability
    • Class sections are formed based on these selections
    • Windows within which to note availability:
      • Mon – Fri, 4am – 6pm Pacific (7am – 9pm Eastern)
      • Sat, 4am – 4pm Pacific (7am – 7pm Eastern)
  • ALI classes are completely risk-free: Get a 100% refund anytime before your second class session
    •  Refunds in weeks 2 – 4 are done a pro rata basis
    • No refunds after week 4
I know too many seminary graduates who have forgotten the Greek they learned in school, and since I'm planning on going to seminary, I am determined not to be one of them. I'm so glad I signed up to study with ALI. Instead of paradigms and flash cards, we have page turners and Greek conversations. If you can remember what it was like when you first learned to read, how you looked forward to finding out what happens next, then you'll have an idea of what it's like learning Greek with ALI.
Craig Green
Customer Service Administrator

What You Need to Know

  1. Classes run on a semester basis.
    • Fall: September – December
    • Spring: January – April
    • Summer: May – August
  2. Class times are selected by students. Once your registration is confirmed, we’ll send you a Google Form to choose your class time.
  3. Classes are live, online classes run by ALI Greek professors. Learn Ancient Greek from anywhere.
  4. You can skip the semester system. With one-on-one Tutorials, you can set up your own class schedule with an ALI professor.
  5.  We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied. If you don’t love your first Greek class, we guarantee a 100% refundAfter that, in weeks 2 – 4, refunds will be made on a pro rata basis, based on however many class sessions you’ve attended. We cannot issue refunds after the fourth week of classes.

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