Ancient Greek Tutorials: In-Person in NYC

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Ancient Greek Tutorials: One-on-one lessons in New York City

Interested in one-on-one instruction in Ancient Greek? Are you in or near New York City? Our NYC Ancient Greek Tutorials exist in order to meet the needs of any student at any Ancient Greek skill level, from Beginner to Expert levels, who would like to meet in an in-person format in Midtown Manhattan. We can focus on Homeric Greek, Attic Greek, Koine Greek, or cover all three, depending on your preference and interests, though we will provide recommendations for your course of study based on your goals with the language. Apply today to be considered.

  • Cost: $1,350
  • Ancient Greek Tutorial Details:
    • Sessions last 1 hour
    • 14 total sessions
    • Sessions with Oliver Whetstone in Midtown Manhattan
    • Customize the schedule and curriculum according to your needs
  • ALI classes are completely risk-free: Get a 100% refund anytime before your second Tutorial session
    •  Refunds after the second Tutorial session are done on a pro rata basis

Oliver Whetstone

Ancient Greek in New York City | Ancient Language Institute

Hi! My name is Oliver Whetstone, an Ancient Greek and Latin Fellow at ALI and I am excited to teach you an ancient language! I recently completed my undergraduate degree in Classics and Philosophy at Harvard University in 2018, and an MSt in Ancient Philosophy at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford in 2020, where I specialized in Ancient Logic. After graduating, I taught Ancient Greek for Jesus and Harris Manchester Colleges, Oxford, and co-founded Oxford Latinitas Ltd, a company set up by people who met through Classics at Oxford to provide Active Method language teaching in ancient Greek and Latin, before moving on to the Ancient Language Institute. Currently, I am back in NYC, working on founding a similar society at Princeton University.

Ancient Greek in NYC Tutorial Application

ALI offers in-person, one-on-one Ancient Greek Tutorials in New York City on a selective basis due to scheduling constraints. Please fill out the application below to be considered for a Tutorial.

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What You Need to Know

  1. Tutorials can get started at any time, irrespective of the academic calendar.
  2. Tutorial meetings times are highly flexible. We’ll work with you to find a meeting time in New York City that works for you and your teacher.
  3. Tutorial sessions are in-person, in Midtown Manhattan (near 44th Street & 6th Avenue), with ALI Fellow Oliver Whetstone.
  4. Apply now, pay later. We won’t charge you anything until we have paired you with a teacher and arranged your weekly class time.
  5.  We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied. If you don’t love your first Greek class, we guarantee a 100% refundAfter that, in weeks 2 – 4, refunds will be made on a pro rata basis, based on however many class sessions you’ve attended. We cannot issue refunds after the fourth week of classes.

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