Advanced Ancient Greek I

Registration for Advanced Ancient Greek I is open. Pay 25% now to reserve your spot, and pay the rest later. Registration closes April 15th.

Advanced Ancient Greek I (G301): Summer Term

Ready to read Greek as the Ancient Greeks wrote it? Continuing to use Athenaze Vol. II and the second volume of Ephodion, this course will expose you to a ton of Ancient Greek, designed both to deepen your vocabulary and grammatical knowledge as well as familiarize you with a variety of authentic Ancient Greek styles. After completing Ancient Greek 301, students will continue into Ancient Greek 302, a continued exploration of Ancient Greek prose and verse styles.

  • Cost: $725
  • Advanced Ancient Greek I Details:
    • Class sessions last 1.5 hours
    • 1 class session per week
    • Meets Saturdays, 12pm – 1:30pm PDT
    • Runs May 13th – Aug. 12th
  • ALI classes are completely risk-free: Get a 100% refund anytime before your second class session
    •  Refunds after the second class session are done on a pro rata basis

Note: You must have completed G202 or have instructor permission before registering for G301.

I know too many seminary graduates who have forgotten the Greek they learned in school, and since I'm planning on going to seminary, I am determined not to be one of them. I'm so glad I signed up to study with ALI. Instead of paradigms and flash cards, we have page turners and Greek conversations. If you can remember what it was like when you first learned to read, how you looked forward to finding out what happens next, then you'll have an idea of what it's like learning Greek with ALI.
Craig Green
Customer Service Administrator

What You Need to Know

  1. Classes run on a semester basis.
    • Fall: September – December
    • Spring: January – April
    • Summer: May – August
  2. G301 during the ’23 Summer Term will be meeting on Saturdays, 12pm – 1:30pm PDT (San Francisco). The first day of class is May 13th, and the last day of class is August 12th.
  3. Classes are live, online classes run by ALI Greek professors. Learn Ancient Greek from anywhere.
  4. Register now, pay a 25% deposit to reserve your spot, and pay the rest later. We want to make sure you absolutely love your Greek class before you pay for all the classes.
  5. You can skip the semester system. With one-on-one Tutorials, you can set up your own class schedule with an ALI professor.
  6.  We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied. If you don’t love your first Greek class, we guarantee a 100% refund. After that, refunds will be made on a pro rata basis, based on however many class sessions you’ve attended.

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